Face Painting

Heidi is available to paint faces for events such as craft fairs and birthday parties. Book today!

“Growing up with a struggling single mother of four, we could never afford something as simple such as getting my face painted at events. But I was lucky that my mom was crafty and made us Halloween costumes. After moving to Macon as an adult, I noticed that most kids trick-or-treating hardly had costumes. Some stingy candy givers publicly enacted a “no costume, no candy” policy, stigmatizing children for being poor. That’s why I feel it important for my services to be free for kids, so that all can enjoy such a simple pleasure of imagination and being included in their own community. I started offering free face painting on my front porch during trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. Since then, it warms my heart to see free face painting more common at events and even more kids wearing costumes during Halloween.” -Heidi Clinite


Public Events

Small Event (50-100kids, can paint 15-20kids/hour)……$40/hr* includes: 1 professional face painter, 1 personal assistant, high quality face paint and supplies, tables and chairs, bright blue event tent if needed

Large Event (100+kids, can paint 30-40kids/hr)……$70/hr* includes: 2 professional face painters, 1 personal assistant, high quality face paint and supplies, table and chairs, bright blue event tent if needed

*$25 travel fee if event is outside of Macon within 100miles


Kid’s Birthday Parties

can paint 15-20kids/hr

$30/hr includes

1 professional face painter

high quality paint and supplies

table and chairs if not provided

$25 travel fee if party is outside of Macon within 100miles

Click pics to flip through a quick slideshow below!


Giant Coloring Sheet


Order a Giant Coloring Sheet

Just $50 includes

4-8ft long custom designed coloring sheet created on site

design created based on theme of the event

markers - washable for kids, design made with permanent marker

very strong duct tape to hang art on rough surfaces

*disclaimer: artist will not make any religious, political, indecent or hateful designs; artist maintains creative license; $25 travel fee for event outside of Macon within 100miles.